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In the month of June, the $500.42 balance in my Bank of America savings account earned $.01 of interest, increasing my starting balance for July to $500.43.

This penny earned equates to a monthly interest rate of 0.002%, and an annualized rate of 0.024%.

During the same time period, in…

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Over the past 18 months, there has been a mass migration of employees from office-based work to remote environments. This exit, forced by a global pandemic, wasn’t so much a choice. What comes next will be.

Workers plan to continue practicing professional distancing or submit resignations, as the 25 days…

I came to Medium 3 years ago with an edge.

A literary agent liked my proposal but asked where my audience was. …

As the figures continue to pour in from what is expected to be the best performing Dry January in history, in terms of individual participants and non-alcoholic beverage sales, many are asking what comes next for this emerging category.

For Dry January participants, some, the Sober Tourists, a term coined…

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One thing that I’ve learned from participating in the NFT community is that authenticity is rewarded.

Asking the obvious question is encouraged.

Sharing the bold idea is desired.

Being yourself is critical.

And, communities are everything.

Why? Because people trust communities.

Twitter user @JonnyB_NFT wrote of the…

Plant Pub

Boston impact entrepreneur Pat McAuley just cut the ribbon on his latest venture, Plant Pub, a 100% plant-based pub concept inviting patrons to eat plants and drink beer.

The 34-seat indoor-outdoor space in Kendall Square will serve as a weekend dining destination, as well as a weekday lunch, dinner, and…

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I was in college when a video titled “How Bad Do You Want It?” went viral.

It featured an NFL prospect, Giavanni Ruffin, in training sessions soundtracked by an Eric Thomas speech.

It’s a motivational piece of content.

In the speech, Thomas says that when you want to succeed as…

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Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist and bestselling author who helps people find meaning and motivation at work.

He has been Wharton’s top-rated professor for 7 straight years and has been recognized as one of the world’s 10 most influential management thinkers in Fortune’s 40 under 40.

The guy knows…

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From the bench of an all-white Steinway & Sons grand piano, the centerpiece in a marble-floored foyer with ceilings resting 30ft above, Adelaide, a 7-year-old Dalmatian, sat surveying the front lawn through arched bay windows, her tail hovering above the foot pedals.

She wears a fire engine red collar. Dangling…

Beeple’s collage, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, sold at Christie’s. Image: Beeple

Mike Winkelmann is among the top three most valuable living artists in the world and you’ve never heard of him. Better know as Beeple, Winkelmann is the artist behind “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” the first purely digital artwork ever offered at auction by Christie’s.

The artwork sold for $69,346,250.

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