Biking Has Become My Top Thinkitation Practice

When you’re in meditation and creating ideas, that’s not meditation. That’s thinkitation.

Photo by Howard Bouchevereau on Unsplash

My “morning routine” is an attempt to prioritize myself.

Prioritize myself over my work, over any emails, over social media notifications, over others.

If the first actions of my day are in response to another, then I’m doing it wrong.

My routine is simple: Meditate, sip Green Tea, thinkitate.

Jesse Israel of The Big Quiet taught me what thinkitation is:

“When you're in meditation and creating ideas, that’s not meditation. That’s thinkitation.” — Jesse Israel

My thinkitation practice is riding my bike.

Riding a bicycle provides a distraction-free opportunity to enter a flow state.

On my bike, I’m able to incubate ideas.

No notepad, no google doc, no notes app.

Those are too dangerous.

When I first started meditating, I would surface ideas during my practice, and rather than return to my breath or mantra, I would interrupt my practice to write my idea down, then return to my practice.

I was doing it all wrong.

To honor myself and my meditation practice, I’ve looked for ways to foster a thinkitation practice.

Walking was too slow, and my phone was too accessible.

Sure, I could have left my phone at home but it wasn’t a preference.

Running has the right pace, a movement occupying my physical focus while granting my mind space, but I find it difficult to exercise without an upbeat soundtrack.

I live on the water so Kayaking and Stand-up-Paddleboarding were options, but initiating a new water activity just has a few too many steps.

So, it became biking.

And in truth, it’s always been biking.

It was biking before I rode across America alone in 2019, and it will be biking for the foreseeable future.

And the biking I’m talking about for my thinkitation practice is not intense.

It’s a casual pedal around the neighborhood for 5 -10 minutes. It’s a few rotations of my wheels to and from a local juicery. It’s a form of movement that brings me to the water.

It’s my opinion that for any routine to become a habit, it needs to have such a low barrier to entry.

It needs to be convenient.

For me, there’s nothing more convenient, than walking downstairs, opening the backdoor, and riding my bike out the driveway for a few minutes to think.

To create.

I cherish it.

Richie. Human.

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