Celi’s Beta Test Is Live, Now What?

Dissecting Celi’s 91-person proof-of-concept beta test and detailing what comes next

Richie Crowley
5 min readJun 6


Before we begin, is it corny or clever brand marketing to misspell celebrate as celibrate for all Celi-related communications?

Example: You have 2 people to celibrate today!

  • Clever 🧠
  • Corny 🌽

Celi’s proof-of-concept beta test has been live since April. Here are some stats at the 3-month mark:

  • Monthly Active Users: 91
  • Compound Monthly Growth Rate: 55.93%
  • Viral Coefficient: 3.25
  • Churn: 0%
  • SMS Delivery Rate: 100%
  • Email Open Rate: 84.26%
  • New Product Launches: 1*
  • Events Celebrated: 44
  • Average Dates Per Person: 7.37
  • Waitlist: 212
  • User Age Range: 13–64

*Monthly Digest is a once-monthly notification including all of your connection’s upcoming celebrations for the month ahead as well as a curation of notable holidays and observances.

Throughout the beta test, I’ve received unsolicited encouragement from active users about their Celi experience. Aware that as founder and author I am an unreliable narrator, my hope is my track record of transparency and scrutiny of Celi yields a trust strong enough to accept the authenticity of these:

Lastly, this proof-of-concept beta test has strengthed some of Celi’s original theses:

  • The 7.37 average dates per person confirm the importance and value of beyond the birthday events.
  • The 3.25 viral coefficient confirms that Celi’s natural external network effects set Celi up for slingshot-like growth.
  • User feedback confirms that Celi will…



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