Domesticated Dog Named World’s Smartest Animal

The domesticated has dog dethroned the Beaver, earning this year’s world smartest animal distinction

Richie Crowley
8 min readJun 27, 2021


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From the bench of an all-white Steinway & Sons grand piano, the centerpiece in a marble-floored foyer with ceilings resting 30ft above, Adelaide, a 7-year-old Dalmatian, sat surveying the front lawn through arched bay windows, her tail hovering above the foot pedals.

She wears a fire engine red collar. Dangling off the front is a rose gold bone charm inscribed with her name and date of birth, May 9th, 2014. Her shoulders are peeled back, her paws neatly facing front. Her coat, as unique as any Dalmatian: short, fine, and dense, with black spots scattered from neck to rear.

It was a big day for Adelaide. As president of the International Domesticated Dogs Association (IDDA), Addy, as her caretakers call her, was preparing herself to accept the Kingdom Award for World’s Smartest Animal on behalf of all dogs, at this evening’s ceremony. Woody Harrelson was hosting, Jane Goodall presenting, and ABC was responsible for broadcasting it live domestically, with a YouTube feed for international viewing.

The distinction, centuries in the making for the species, fondly reminded Addy of all those before her whose pawprints came before.

“About 20,000 years ago, our species forked, representing the single origin for domestication. What you know today as wild dogs, wolves and hyenas, used to be family. We’d share caves. Now, as we sit here” pausing to look around the 13,000 square foot home in the Atlanta suburb of Buckhead, “safely securing the future of our species, they continue to seek shelter and food, completely relying on GoFundMe campaigns for survival.”

There was something more Addy wanted to say but she held back, electing to sip tea from her gemstone-encrusted bowl instead.

This was the first time that the domesticated dog had ever earned the distinction of the world’s smartest animal. Only previously stepping onto the podium in 1997 on the heels of Air Bud’s theatrical success.

Joining the domesticated dog on the podium this year would be the Beaver, known for their intellect displayed in dam building and…



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