Gentle reminders for hard days

A collection of quotes for soft people doing hard things

Richie Crowley
7 min readSep 6, 2023
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I’m a collector.

As a kid, it was baseball cards and bar coasters.

As an adult, it’s Latin social dances and quotes.

Quotes, because I’m often in awe of how others are able to assemble words that capture exactly how I feel or what I need to hear, and I want to remember them.

Quotes are useful. Sometimes your cousin needs help writing a rehearsal dinner speech, your manager needs to add a bit of “oomph!” to a press release, or your friend needs a verbal hug, or humbling, or both.

Quotes, because sometimes soft people do hard things and seek comfort that they’re unable to provide themselves.

That’s why I keep a growing list of 450+ quotes and today I’m sharing the ones I’ve leaned on during Celi’s build.

This issue of In Public is special in that it’s also experiential.

Since Celi’s MVP, I’ve spent many afternoons, overwhelmed, on a floor listening to one song.

“Don’t you even thinkkkkkk of givin’ up,” I’d whisper along to myself.

I’ve organized this collection so that if you begin the song below right now, it will provide you a soundtrack that…



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