How I validated and beta-tested my product in 3 months for only $846

In Celi’s beta test, I represented the technology and relied on the generosity of our tech stack’s startup programs

Richie Crowley


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At the bottom of this, is the world premiere of Celi’s website.

You can view it, share it, and reserve your username on it.

At the time of this send, there are currently 8,067,610,608 usernames left.

Celi’s MVP is over.

Next up is the MMP.

In Celi’s MVP, I represented the technology.

I’m not sure if our 163 users knew that.

Accounts were created via Typeform, connections made by hand, and notifications sent via an SMS partner but written by me.

In Celi’s MMP, technology will replace me.

Anyone, anywhere, will be able to create a Celi account and add their own dates, connect with their friends, family, and co-workers, and celi their connections after being reminded by text, WhatsApp, and email.

Before we unveil that, I’d like to officially close the MVP, reflect on its performance, and share lessons learned.

How it started

Celi’s MVP started as a survey.

The primary goal of the Celi survey was to validate the existence of a problem, confirm that individuals had tried and failed to solve it, and measure their desire to solve it.

It did that.

Of the 385+ participants:

  • 92% have forgotten a birthday
  • 76% have forgotten a friend’s important life date
  • 75% have tried and failed to solve this problem
  • 89% want to solve this problem

The secondary goal of the survey was to identify and secure commitments from two populations: beta testers and investors.

In The Mom Test, Rob Fitzpatrick educates that there are only three types of commitments: money, time, and reputation.

When a potential customer commits to paying you money for your product or service, it’s a strong…



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