How Tyler, the Creator shaped my start-up

In Paris, Tyler, the Creator participated in a Converse All-Star Series Talk and gave once-in-a-lifetime advice

Richie Crowley
8 min readNov 6, 2023

Tyler, the Creator is a multi-hyphenate.

He founded Odd Future, which launched the careers of Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and Syd.

He’s directed music videos and television series.

He created the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival and his own clothing line Golf Wang.

He’s also won 2 Grammy Awards from 7 total nominations.

In Paris, 1 year ago, he participated in a Converse All-Star Series Talk.

During the audience Q&A segment, he encouraged an audience member to stand by her work.

“You mean to tell me you’re going to be passive with your own shit?

Are you fucking crazy bro? Let motherfuckers know.

I put too much time, and love, and energy, into this finished project, not too.



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