The Podcast Episodes That Have Blown My Mind

An active list updated when my mind is blown 🤯

The Exploding Head emoji, as it is known, is defined as A yellow face with an open mouth, the top of its head exploding in the shape of a brain-like mushroom cloud. A visual form of the expression mind blown, it may represent such emotions as shock, awe, amazement, and disbelief.

^This is what happens to me when I listen to these podcast episodes.

Table of Contents🧰  How It Works🎙️  Episodes👨‍🎤  Author's Note

How This List Works

  • New podcasts are added from top to bottom for convenience.
  • New podcasts are added at random.
  • All links direct to Spotify, though I am sure you can find these episodes on other platforms.
  • This list is totally unaffiliated, curated by me, so by listening you’re just trusting me. Thanks 😊
  • This list has a playlist for easy listening on Spotify as well.
  • This list also lives in a Twitter thread if you want to bookmark it

The Podcast Episodes 🤯

Author’s Note

This list is first for me, and I understand that by not adding any disclaimers above I am asking you to trust me and what I’ve curated. No pressure to agree with any of the content discussed, ain’t that a beautiful thing?

If you’d like to discover some of my original work, here’s a list of my favorite pieces, not just my best-performing ones:

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