Why I’m building Celi slow

Building the right product takes time, time that most aren’t willing to spend

Richie Crowley
7 min readAug 29, 2023

The title of this piece is misleading.

I’m not building Celi slowly, I’m building it intentionally. Carefully. Deliberately.

Building the right product takes time.

That’s because the right product is a solution. It solves a problem that a majority experiences, has tried and failed to solve, and still wants to solve.

It’s these products that have a chance of becoming must-haves, instead of nice-to-haves.

Behind the scenes, I’ve been building Celi into a must-have.

Evolving Celi from MVP to MMP

When I introduced Celi as my first experiment all I had was a problem. I needed to understand other people’s relationship to this problem. That’s why I asked you a series of questions without framing or introduction.

It was in those 386 responses I learned, that like me:

  • 92.25% of you have forgotten a birthday
  • 76.23% of you have forgotten a friend’s significant life date
  • 89.07% of you want to solve this problem



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